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Calling: course authors, consultants, trainers, affiliates.

Are you an academic, a professional consultant or a qualified trainer looking for an additional income? Maybe you want to help make the world a better place? We have vacancies – come and join us.

Course authors

You might be an academic, maybe you’re currently working in, or retired from, the police, health service, law, or other profession? If you are an expert in your field, we can offer you an opportunity to share your knowledge with our learners and make an income at the same time.

You don’t need any experience of writing a training course. You simply write the content (we can guide you on format) based on your expertise, and we craft a high quality multi-media course for delivery either in person, online or distance eLearning. We take care of evidencing your content, design, marketing and sales, learner enquiries, plus all the administration.

  • Earn commission on every course of yours we sell – with quick payout
  • Option to deliver your course personally, or via one of our qualified trainers, if it is classroom based
  • And you’ll be automatically added to our small extended family of consultants


Education, safeguarding, and research services are the main strands of our consultancy portfolio. We’re looking for high-caliber partners UK-wide who are able to deliver the results our clients expect. If you think your services might be a fit, and would like to add your name or business to our private suppliers directory, please get in touch.


Our course authors need the best trainers to deliver their evidence based training. You should be suitably qualified, with experience in presenting training workshops to professionals. If you would like to join us on a consultancy basis, please get in touch.


Partner with us by adding our evidence based training courses to your website. Each time a learner pays for a course, you earn commission. We are particularly interested in hearing from charities, NGOs, and the education sector.

  • You’ll earn commission on every online course you sell
  • Get all the resources you need to succeed, including promotional materials and a dedicated affiliate manager
  • You’ll be paid every week

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