Antiracist training

ABC of Anti-Racism

ABC of Anti-Racism is a course of antiracist training developed by onEvidence in partnership with the Global Race Centre for Equality (GRACE), at the University of Central Lancashire.

Based on a collaborative, evidence-based approach to anti-racism, we work with those employees most marginalised, to develop training and a wider programme of change informed by their experiences and based on their needs.

Antiracism training

ABC of Anti-Racism aims to give people the tools necessary to understand how to change inequitable systems so that they can create a working environment built on equity and justice, where all employees feel safe, valued, supported, and are able to thrive. By committing to antiracist training, organisations can encourage their staff to reflect on their own attitudes and values, and empower them to be part of an enduring and mutually beneficial change in culture.

This multimedia eLearning course is delivered through a mixture of talking-head videos, animation, reading materials, and interactive content, and can be taken at your own pace.

Antiracism training - awareness

Module A. Awareness

This module provides an introduction to anti-racism, and includes 1) an overview of the concept of race, 2) definitions of individual and systemic racism, 3) examples of how racism and discrimination impacts on individuals, and 4) a brief overview of anti-racism and what it means to be antiracist.

Time: Approximately 30 minutes.

Module B. Being antiracist

Building on Awareness, this module provides the tools necessary to become antiracist, and includes 1) in-depth information about the concept of race, and its history, 2) an exploration of the root causes of inequities, 3) an explanation of privilege, and how to use it, 4) an overview of internalised personal beliefs and the systems that work in tandem to disadvantage racialised communities, and 5) examples of overt and covert racism.

Time: Approximately 70 minutes.

Being antiracist - antiracism training
Antiracism training - change antiracist

Module C. Change

This final module offers practical guidance on how antiracists can employ strategies to reduce and repair harm, and tips to help them introduce anti-racism into their everyday working practices to create a more inclusive culture.

Time: Approximately 20 minutes.

Learning outcomes

After this training, learners should be able to:

  • Discuss the concept of race
  • Reflect upon the root causes for inequities, including patriarchy and capitalism (systems), and their role in racism
  • Explain white skin privilege and its role in racism and anti-Blackness
  • Identify internalised personal beliefs and the systems that work in tandem to disadvantage racialised communities
  • Recognise covert and overt racism, and microaggressions    
  • Employ strategies to reduce and repair harm
  • Exhibit anti-racist working practices
  • Apply knowledge to overcome obstacles and challenges

Who should take this course

ABC of Anti-Racism is available to all UK public, private and third-sector organisations of any size. The course is suitable for staff and managers of any gender or ethnicity.

Take positive action to address racism in your workplace

  • Protect your employees: Your organisation has a legal duty to protect the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees. Racism and discrimination in the workplace has devastating health consequences, and impairs morale across the whole organisation. Anti-racism training sends a clear message that all employees are valued and supported, and that racism will not be tolerated.
  • Be authentic: It is not enough to simply tweet in support of Black Lives Matter. You must listen to the experiences of your employees, make space for their stories, and make a genuine commitment to a robust diversity, equity and inclusion strategy. Your employees and customers will see anything less as merely “performative”.
  • Enhance your brand: Your investors, employees, customers, and suppliers expect your organisation to prioritise eliminating racism. By making sustained efforts to address workplace racism, you will enhance trust, and avoid legal claims, complaints and negative publicity.

If your organisation understands the benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion, and is making a genuine effort to address racism and racial discrimination, we offer engaging and impactful antiracism training that can be tailored to the needs of your staff.

Access the course

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Antiracism resources

Antiracism resources - training

We have curated a list of resources that we can all use to educate ourselves in an effort to encourage sustained conversations about race, and to gain a better understanding of how we can be actively antiracist.

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Antiracism train the trainer

Antiracist - trainer training

Equip existing trainers with the knowledge and skills they need to deliver effective antiracist training within your organisation.

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