Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews

Independent Lead Reviewer and Report Author services.

Providing Independent Lead Reviewer and Report Author services, onEvidence works with Safeguarding Partnerships to conduct local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (CSPR).

A CSPR is an independent review into a case where a child or young person has been seriously harmed or has died and abuse or neglect is known or suspected.

The purpose of the review is to identify improvements that can be made to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

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Meet our Independent Lead Reviewer

Dr Roxanne Khan

Dr Khan is an award-winning researcher and expert in family violence. She has a keen understanding of adult and children safeguarding, and 20-years’ experience of working with practitioners, children, and families, in both research and practice settings.

Dr Khan is Independent Lead Reviewer for Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Partnership, and Domestic Homicide Review Chair and Author for Safer Leicestershire Partnership and Safer Somerset Partnership.

Dr Roxanne Khan - Independent Reviewer, Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews

Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews: method

Reflecting both the child’s perspective and the family context, the review provides a way of looking at and analysing frontline practice as well as organisational structures and learning, and allows those involved in the review to reach recommendations that will improve outcomes for children (Working Together to Safeguard Children, 2023).

The review aims to: be proportionate to the circumstances of the case; focus on potential learning; and establish and explain the reasons the incidents occurred as they did.

As Independent Reviewer, Dr Khan works with the safeguarding partners to agree the method by which the review should be conducted, taking into account the relevant guidance and the principles of the systems methodology recommended by the Munro review.

CSPR activities are carried out using electronic means (online meetings using Microsoft Teams).

Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews: report

Review reports are written in a way that avoids harming the welfare of any children or vulnerable adults involved in the case.

The report aims to:

  • include a brief overview of the key circumstances, background and context of the case
  • provide a summary of why relevant decisions by professionals were taken
  • critique how agencies worked together and identify any shortcomings
  • consider whether any shortcomings are features of practice in general
  • consider what would need to be done differently to prevent harm occurring to a child in similar circumstances
  • provide recommendations for what needs to happen to ensure that agencies learn from this case

The report adopts a plain English narrative style, and recommendations are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely), so that the transition to an Action Plan is straightforward.

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