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Evidence based training, education and learning consultancy that guides institutional and organisational innovation and change.


Education services

  • Course creation and design
  • Blended and distance learning solutions
  • Education and training consulting

Course creation & design

onEvidence works with open-access and paid online training providers, academics, teachers, organisations and institutions to develop learning track and high quality learning materials.

We design programme content for e-learning, webinar, traditional face-to-face teaching, and blended learning. Content can be provided in bite-sized formats such as swipe-able learning cards or short quizzes, as well as interactive group exercises and multimedia content including PowerPoint Shows, video, animation and info-graphics.

In the context of workplace learning and adult learning, we provide academic and/or practitioner-produced content that enables quality interaction of learners with content, other learners, and instructors.

Blended and distance learning solutions

Studies indicate that distance learning, when properly planned, designed, and supported by the appropriate mix of technology and pedagogy, is equivalent to, or in certain scenarios more effective than, traditional face-to-face classroom instruction [1].

Combined self-paced e-learning and video conferencing or face-to-face activities, delivers a cost-effective blended solution that captures the best of both worlds — the virtual and the real – to optimise the learning experience. This mixture of activities enables the learner to collaborate, ask questions, share personal experiences, and apply knowledge.

onEvidence provides instructional design and pedagogically sound integration of both distance and traditional instruction. We deliver effective distance and blended learning programmes that help transform theory into practice.


Education and training consulting

  • High impact teaching strategies

Build confidence and expertise in your school, college or university with our accessible guidance to help you integrate HITS into classroom and school planning around curriculum.

  • SMARTER learning objectives

Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound, evaluable, realistic. Creating SMARTER learning objectives gives learners a clear picture of what is expected of them, producing better learning outcomes. They serve to connect content and assessment around learning. onEvidence provides your organisation with the knowledge and skills needed to implement a strategy that will best achieve your objectives.

  • Curriculum development

Innovative curriculum planning, content development and learner-centered design, onEvidence create positive improvements in courses offered by schools, colleges and universities. Our approach to optimal learning outcomes centres on strategies to empower students to shape their education through choices.

  • Educational development

Research-based teaching and learning is one of our main strands of consultancy. We offer flexible tailored programmes that include training, leadership development, self-evaluation and monitoring.

  • Educational aids and communications

Help get your message across. We design and supply paper and digital aids designed for maximum educational impact and sustainability. Posters, cards, newsletters, conference materials, videos, slide presentations – our design team produce effective campaigns and programmes for universities, schools, trainers and corporate clients in a creative, cost-effective and innovative way. And we base all our educational aids on the best available research evidence.

  • Learning needs analysis

Get a robust health check on the talent, skills and capabilities of your organisation or institution. In partnership with the stakeholders, we assess your learners’ needs, compliance gaps and skills shortages, to help you to target the necessary development for your learning content and/or training programmes.

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