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Strategies for supporting staff experiencing domestic abuse

Paul was fantastic to work with on our project. He was great in adapting to the project brief and offered creative suggestions that made the design work to fit the requirements of the audience.

Dr. Adrian Wright

Institute for research into organisations, work and employment (iROWE) commissioned onEvidence to ‘professionalise’ their evidence-based domestic abuse training workshop and accompanying handbook, and to design an e-Advert for the course.

The design brief was quite loose so, based on the existing training course content, we set about the editing process. The aim: to present their work in an attractive and pedagogically accessible manner. For the learner, this means that the learning experience is not only more enjoyable but, in terms of learning outcomes, more effective.

We designed an e-Advert to be used in email and social media marketing. Our designer settled on a digital card triptych that would work well stacked in an email or as a thread in social media advertising. The advert would then be used to inform the design and branding elements of the course.

e-ADVERT: Strategies for supporting staff experiencing domestic abuse

Card 1 is designed to prompt the viewer to find out more. Either by scrolling in an email or expanding a thread on social media. Card 2 presents the business case aimed at employers – the target market. Card 3 details the domestic abuse training services offer and a call-to-action. The individual advert cards can also be neatly combined to create a poster.

Strategies for supporting staff experiencing domestic abuse - iROWE
Domestic abuse business case for employers
iROWE training workshop

Training course: Strategies for supporting staff experiencing domestic abuse

The training course is delivered either as a face-to-face workshop or as an online seminar. Our client specified that the format should be PowerPoint. The fonts and colour scheme used in the current iROWE brochure were used to ensure continuity in course branding and design.

Researching the existing course content, we established the desired learning objectives and, from this, wrote the learning outcomes. This we based on Fink’s taxonomy (Fink, Creating Significant Learning Experiences, 2003).

Including images, video and text, as well as interactive quizzes and practical group activities, the course is designed to enable and encourage self-learning. The result is an engaging multi-media training presentation that appeals to the various learning styles.

Multi-media training presentation
Domestic abuse training - learning outcomes

Workbook: Strategies for supporting staff experiencing domestic abuse

Strategies for supporting staff experiencing domestic abuse

The 20 page A4 combination workbook/handbook expands on the information presented in the PowerPoint Show, and includes space for the learner to make notes/complete the various workshop activities as set by the course trainer.

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