Roma Voices for Change

Identifying and managing child exploitation in Roma communities within Bradford


Dr Sarah Shorrock, University of Bradford, commissioned onEvidence Ltd to develop training materials, based on Roma Voices for Change research, that are visually compelling and accessible to the target audience.

About the client

Dr Sarah Shorrock is a lecturer and researcher in the Department of Sociology and Criminology, University of Bradford. She is Lead Investigator on this project.

Roma voices for change - Research impact partner - University of Bradford

Background and objectives

The Roma Voices for Change project explores how practitioners’ knowledge about Roma culture influences safeguarding practices when identifying and managing child exploitation within Bradford. Working as a Key Partner, onEvidence will develop culturally competent training material that highlights best practice for identifying and managing child exploitation in Roma communities.


To ensure that change is done with Roma communities and not for them, onEvidence and the research team will create outputs that centre the voices of Roma individuals.

To achieve this, the research team will take an art-based approach to provide the safety of metaphor and allow the participants to express negative and positive reactions, and explore ideas and feelings that might be uncomfortable or difficult to communicate in more literal ways. This approach honours the creativity of participants, creates a sense of group history and belonging, and helps participants step back from their work and reflect on what they have accomplished. The materials generated will be used in the training materials to be delivered to safeguarding practitioners located in Bradford and at a national level. View the project here.

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