Independent expert psychological services

onEvidence provide independent expert psychological services and consultancy, working with the courts, solicitors, local authorities, insurance companies and third sector organisations. Our chartered psychologists provide a comprehensive range of psychological assessments and interventions for children and adults.

Dr Khan provided us with a psychological assessment report in support of an immigration application. The report was meticulously written and had the added advantage of benefiting from her specific expertise in South Asian communities and domestic abuse.

Nath Gbikpi, Solicitor, Islington Law Centre

Psychological services

  • Psychology assessments
  • Cognitive and capacity assessments
  • Medico-legal psychological assessments
  • Expert Witness statements
  • Parole Board proceedings
  • Training

Psychological assessments

A psychological assessment may include several components. onEvidence use norm-referenced psychological tests, informal tests and surveys, clinical interview data, employment, school or medical records, and observational information to measure a particular disorder or trait. Our psychologist determines what methods to use based on the questions being asked. Our assessments are used to determine if a person is competent to stand trial, has a learning disorder or traumatic brain injury. A forensic assessment may also be used to determine the underlying characteristics of a person’s behaviour and personality, for example, the likelihood that they will engage in violence or abuse.

Cognitive and capacity assessments

Cognitive assessment is used to determine whether or not impairment exists with cognition. Cognition is a combination of processes in a persons brain, including memory, thinking, language, judgment, and the ability to learn new things. Our clinicians use established tools to conduct cognitive assessments, each carefully constructed to evaluate domains such as memory, executive function, abstract reasoning, attention and language skills.

Mental capacity is assessed in regard to a the persons ability to make a specific decision at a specific time. Our psychologists design mental capacity assessments to protect and empower an individual who may be unable to make a decision because of the way their brain or mind works, for example, as a result of disability or illness, or the effects of alcohol or drugs. Functional and diagnostic tests are used and onEvidence may consult with other professionals, such as a persons GP, social workers, solicitors, carers, family and friends. A mental capacity assessment may be used to decide, for example, whether a person is able to make a will, a gift, litigate, testify, or consent to marriage or sex.

Medico-legal psychological assessments

A medico-legal (or medical legal) assessment is suitable in circumstances where the court has directed that an expert independent psychologist provides opinion in relation to an individual. A medico-legal assessment may be used in civil and criminal cases, for example, to determine whether an individual who has been charged with a crime has, in legal terms, the capacity to stand trial. It may also be used in personal injury claims and liability matters.

Expert witness statements

Expert evidence is admissible to furnish the court with information which is likely to be outside the experience and the knowledge of a judge or jury (Criminal Practice Direction V Evidence 19A Expert Evidence). onEvidence provides objective expert witness statements in matters of psychology. As expert witnesses, our panel of psychologists conform to current Best Practice Guidelines published by the British Psychological Society, as well as more general BPS Practice Guidelines, the BPS Code of Ethics and Conduct, the HCPC standards of performance and standards of proficiency. onEvidence are aware of equality, diversity and inclusion standards when giving evidence. Any assessments or reports include considerations relevant to a person’s culture, status, or any other characteristic which may impact their experience or behaviours, and that of any evidence the court is to rely upon.

Parole Board proceedings

Our psychologists provide relevant, useful, and defensible risk assessment reports for the Parole Board. Offender assessments in preparation for hearings include: Forensic risk assessment, psychological assessments of personality disorder and Psychopathy, Structured Assessment of Risk, Need and Responsivity (SARNR).


onEvidence provide specialist training and consultancy for the legal professions, emergency service personnel, the Civil Service, HR, educators, health and social care sector. We work with clients to develop evidence-based CPD around issues relating to crime and justice, violence and aggression, and diversity and inclusion.

Who we work with

  • Legal professionals
  • Parole boards
  • Local authorities
  • Insurance companies
  • Third sector
Psychological Services

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