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Make your research stand out from the crowd

We know that researchers are focused on generating knowledge and resources to support further research, which means that research impact strategy may be seen as an unnecessary distraction.

Shifting norms in funding requirements, however, mean that researchers are increasingly expected to engage with society to deliver measurable real-world impact. Grant applications are now often partially evaluated based on dissemination plans and how the proposed research will achieve or enable impact. This means that, in order to compete, researchers need to consider non-academic impact strategy from the outset.

Benefits of research impact strategy

Articulate goals and plan activities to enable your research to develop relevant and credible solutions to real-world problems.

Provide a coherent and evidence-based plan that makes your research stand out among competitors in the market.

Enhance the relevance of your research through more meaningful engagement with users and beneficiaries.

Research impact strategy
Research impact services

How we help

onEvidence will work with you to identify and articulate the benefits of the new knowledge you aim to generate in the domains of society, culture, economy, health and/or environment in your proposal. We will help you to develop a coherent and evidence-based research impact plan that includes innovative research dissemination methods, while avoiding potential pitfalls such as fragmentation of scholarship across the different platforms.

Make your research, projects and programmes stand out from the crowd! onEvidence provide design and dissemination services to generate real-life impact.

  • Research and grant outputs
  • Publications and reports
  • Training courses
  • HR and ED&I campaign materials
  • Health communications
  • Newsletters
  • Social media assets

onEvidence will introduce visual elements as an attractive means to help your audience better interpret your research. Findings may be disseminated using various media to produce easily understood data displays; infographics may help non-expert readers to visualise findings; a photographic pull-quote helps to break up thematic analysis results; or, how about a video or animation to really bring your research to life?

We work in partnership with leading UK and international businesses, universities, researchers, education providers, and charities, to help managers, academics and support staff to improve the effectiveness of their programmes, research impact strategy and communications through innovative design and targeted dissemination.

Research impact case studies

The Impact of Institutional Racism 

Antiracism - Diversity Equity and Inclusion TV News

Animation produced by onEvidence, in partnership with Global Race Centre for Equality (GRACE), University of Central Lancashire, to bring antiracism research to life.

Domestic Abuse Policy Guidance for UK Universities

Domestic Abuse Policy Guidance for UK Universities

Working with Centre for Criminal Justice Research and Partnerships, onEvidence designed research outputs and impact strategy.

It’s your business

iROWE - Case study

The Institute for research into organisations, work and employment (iROWE) commissioned onEvidence to develop their research-based domestic abuse training workshop.

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