Evidence-based consultancy

Your organisation is constantly evolving, influenced by external factors. This means your policies, processes and people need to adapt. onEvidence’s consultancy services portfolio recognises that fluidity is a critical part of transformation and helps you use adult and children safeguarding as a force to support and enable your organisation to succeed.

  • Agility: be able to develop and adopt new evidence-based solutions and safeguarding practices quickly
  • Compliance: meet regulatory requirements and keep your organisation protected
  • Cost optimisation: get the most out of your budget by optimising your organisations strategy

It’s all about skills and resources. We provide evidence-based services and knowledge to ensure your safeguarding strategy aligns to current best practice. From discovery and development of your policies, through to recommending remediation activities; we guide and advise you along your transformation journey. This means you have more time to focus on your wider strategy and business tasks, effectively driving your organisation forward.


Safeguarding services

  • Policy and procedures
  • Reviews and audits
  • Safeguarding training
  • Trainer training
  • Safeguarding handbooks
  • Digital safeguarding

Policies and procedures

  • Evidence-based policy and procedures for adult and children safeguarding
  • Current best practice updates and recommendations
  • Optimise existing structure in line with organisational safeguarding budget
  • Comply with the latest regulatory and legislative requirements set out by the Care Quality Commission, NICE and the Care Act 2014

Our Policy Advisory team works with you to streamline your policies and procedures, simplify operations and better manage conduct and practices. As part of our Safeguarding Consultancy Services portfolio, we will analyse and review your strategy to ensure it meets your overarching organisational requirements. This service also looks to help you realign and develop that strategy looking at cost, regulatory requirements and change.

Reviews and audits

  • Bespoke review of existing policy and practice
  • Detailed best practice guidance and recommendations
  • Evidence based change management plan with ongoing professional support
  • Legal compliance and regulatory checks by experts form a key part of our service

Health check your safeguarding operations. Statutory case reviews and routine audits across children and adult safeguarding services, private and public sector organisations, emergency services, schools and colleges. Identify best practice and areas of weakness or gaps in operational or strategic areas of business, as well as recommendations to form an organisational action plan.

Safeguarding training

  • Continuing professional development
  • Cost-optimised online or classroom training
  • Courses based on the best available current research

Based on evidence and delivered by experts, our solution-driven safeguarding training team, led by Dr. Roxanne Khan, works closely with clients, both on- and off-site, to deliver exceptional results. We provide online or classroom based continuing professional development CPD training which helps you to integrate your safeguarding policies into practice, ultimately transforming your service delivery.

Trainer training

  • Training needs analysis; target your resources for maximum efficiency
  • Cost effective delivery of our bespoke specialist training packages in-house
  • Change management plan with ongoing professional support
  • Specialist packages for professional trainers

onEvidence provides the processes, procedures and tools to enable your team to deliver our evidence-based safeguarding training. Your organisational training requirements analysed, so your resources are targeted where they are most needed. Safeguarding training action plan; from a clean bill of health or plugging gaps in existing knowledge, to creating an evidence-based strategy tailored to your organisation. Your trainers provided with everything they need to deliver successful training in-house.

Safeguarding handbooks

  • Digital and paper handbooks
  • Cue cards
  • Go-to safeguarding toolkit for your staff and volunteers

onEvidence will work with you to create safeguarding handbooks based on the best pedagogic research. Our aim is to improve the way your operation delivers training and best practice. Relevant, reliable, readable, our handbooks provide the ongoing support your staff need to achieve a safer culture of attitudes, behaviors and values that form a crucial part of your organisation.

Digital safeguarding

  • Risk mapping
  • Digital safety policy
  • Safeguarding policy integration

Adopting a digital-first approach keeps your organisation relevant and engaged. Becoming ‘digital by default’ widens your reach, delivers considerable efficiencies and improves productivity. It gives your organisation the opportunity for rapid analysis of data, helping you to make better informed decisions. It also enables more accurate business forecasting to help you plan your services and staffing.

Online is where your service users are spending their time and they need to know that you are prepared to engage with them in the digital world. Mobile devices, messaging apps and social media platforms can be powerful tools for communicating with, supporting and empowering your service users and employees in often complex and challenging circumstances.

If you’re one of the many organisations committed to implementing a digital-first strategy, it is important that these technologies do not outpace the safeguarding policies and practices you put in place to protect the people who come into contact with your organisation.

In meeting the challenges of, and tensions between, service provision and safeguarding, you must explore these issues within their own context.

To gain the confidence of your service users, you need to be willing to state how personal information and data will be securely stored, and how you plan to use it to improve their experience of your services.

Robust organisational policies and, more importantly, developing good online practice is critical to the success of your digital safeguarding strategy. Staff buy-in is an essential part of this process: employees must be equipped with the skills and confidence to interpret and implement digital safeguarding policies effectively.

onEvidence’s Consultancy Team have over 50 years combined experience in safeguarding. All team members have individual experience of international project management, social research, consulting and partnership working – with and for – charities and NGOs, universities, schools, police, health service, the Home Office and other government departments, policy-makers and multi-agency.

We have consultancy and training experience in safeguarding adults and children in multiple settings, including institutional and organisational, encompassing issues such as internet safety and online trust, data protection and cyber security.

Our team members have impeccable reputations for their ethical approach and research integrity, and are trained in GDPR. Our research into policy and practice, individual and group behaviours – both online and in the real world – is grounded in Psychosocial, Forensic, Health and Cyberpsychology disciplines.

Find out how we can help your organisation to design and deliver a robust, integrated digital safety policy tailored to the needs and wants of your HR, management, employees and service users.

Get in touch to find out more about our independent safeguarding services.

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