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Evidence based training courses

Evidence-based training courses and continuing professional development delivered by our team of professional trainers led by Dr. Roxanne Khan. All courses can be tailored to fit with your staff availability, location and other requirements. We can arrange a nearby training suite or visit your organisation for on-site delivery anywhere in the UK. Or, you can quickly and simply enroll your staff by email and they can complete their distance e-Learning course at their convenience.

Harmful traditional practices - evidence based training

Harmful traditional practices

The term ‘Harmful traditional practices’ (HTPs) is used to describe forms of domestic violence or abuse committed primarily against women and girls. However, HTPs do occur across all sexes, sexual identities and genders, and are NOT unique to a particular religion or culture. Some of the most common are child and forced marriage, so-called ‘honour’ abuse, and female genital mutilation, or ‘FGM’.

This series of CPD courses offers general and specialist HTPs awareness and safeguarding training for public and private sector staff, charities and front-line professionals.

Domestic abuse - evidence based training

Domestic abuse

According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) year ending March 2019, an estimated 2.4 million people experienced domestic abuse in the last year (1.6 million women and 786,000 men). Domestic abuse can encompass, but is not limited to, the following types of abuse: psychological, physical, sexual, financial and emotional.

This series of CPD training courses are written by Dr. Roxanne Khan, a violence and aggression expert, and chartered psychologist.

Dr Khan provided a written submission to the call for evidence ‘Support in the workplace for victims of domestic abuse’ by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. This written submission was analysed and considered in writing the final report (as published on 14 January 2021). The evidence provided covered the following themes:

• Domestic abuse as a workplace matter, including the impact of Covid-19.
• How domestic abuse impacts on the workplace
• What employers can do to support victims

Equality diversity and inclusion - evidence based training

Equality, diversity and inclusion

An effective equality, diversity and inclusion strategy goes beyond legal compliance. An effective ED&I strategy is about tapping into all employees’ knowledge, experience and perspectives, to help your organisation make better decisions. Increased job satisfaction, creativity, reduced absenteeism and a better understanding of your customers and service users are some of the benefits employees and employers stand to gain from a more inclusive workplace.

This series of evidence based training courses are available as class-based and distance eLearning.

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